What is HTTPS?

by Jun 3, 2019Website

http v https: which protocol should I use?

Since mid 2018, Google has begun to encourage website owners to move their websites to https:// to secure their websites.  Websites who are still using the http:// protocol are being identified by Google as insecure and visitors to the website still using http:// are being warned that the site their thinking about visiting may be insecure.  Google lets the visitor know in one of two ways.

The first way is by putting NOT SECURE in the browser bar – see the picture below.  Often a website will show this message when it has images that are not fully secured.

 not secure image

The other way is by blocking access by directing a potential visitor to your websites page that looks like this.


No SSL certificate

Hard to proceed to your website!!  Notice how the Back to Safety is very visible?  That’s where most visitors click – back to safety – and away from your website.

What now? 

If you already have a website up and running you need to change to https:// by adding an SSL which is a security certificate.  If your website is managed by someone, send an email or call them and them to do it – they really should have done this already!  They may charge you to carry out the ‘backend work to move the site from http to https but there should be no cost for the certificate.  If there is, ask why!  If there doesn’t seem to be a logical answer, I would recommend you look for a new website manager and/or web hosting provider that includes the SSL in the hosting.

Most reputable hosting services offer free basic SSL certificates with their hosting, which is all most websites need.  However, if your website is collecting a lot of sensitive information from your clients, then there are SSL certificates that provide a higher level of security, and these certificates you may have to pay for.

All of my websites and many of those I manage have an SSL Certificate included with their hosting.  Once you have the SSL certificate installed there are some really important steps to take to make sure Google is seeing your site as secure.  

If you would rather some one help you out securing your website, Designed by Cherie offers packages in website management that can take care of this for you.  If you want to know more, pop over to my Website Maintenance page and check out the services I offer.  Any questions?  Let me know.